Things You Haven’t Heard About Jazz

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We listen to music every day, on the street, on the Internet, even in your smartphone. All of them are created to entertain you, to draw your attention to something. In fact, each music genre has its own way to make you love it. For example, Pop songs are quite catchy and easy to listen, Rock songs are aggressive with its unique electric guitar solo and EDM producers are very good at making sounds from digital equipment. So what about Jazz?

Some people say that Jazz is something different. It can refresh us after such a hard – working day, it can open our mind and set us free from the reality. They are all true – the definitions about Jazz. However, it’s just what you know about this music genre through the Internet where people might not know better than you. That’s the reason why you have to actually love this type of genre to see what’s inside and what makes Jazz one of the most attractive things in the world.

All that Jazz

In this post, I will show you some unknown facts about Jazz – the kind of music make people all over the world crazy and addicted.

  1. What Is The Meaning Of Jazz?

People use the word “jazz” to refer to a kind of music, but not many people know what it is and what the original meaning of it is. Surprisingly, the word “jazz” doesn’t have any deep meaning. From the first time, “jazz” was used as a word refers to the term of “having sex”. This word is used in a song somehow and was used for one of the best music genres in the world. If you want to see the first time “jazz” was used in the song, search for the name of the songwriter “Clarence William”.

  1. Where Is The Original Place Of Jazz?

It is really hard to tell where Jazz was born since it is the combination of multiple cultures in the world. The form of Jazz is very hybrid and varies in terms of music genre mixes. You can see so many music features from all over the world in jazz songs – from African rhythms to today’s pop catchy melodies. However, somehow Jazz songs still have their own beauty and uniqueness which is very different from other types of music. That’s the reason why Jazz still survives until now with such a thick history.

  1. Singing And Dancing In Jazz?

As other types of music, people can dance to Jazz rhythms because of several reasons. In fact, when Jazz was popular, people think of some dance styles to dance with the band. You might have heard of that before and might think they were just short – term trends, but some dance forms still exist till today. For example, the Shimmy, Black Bottom, and Charleston dance form are still popular.

The Shimmy

  1. The Heaven Of Jazz

We don’t know where is the hometown of Jazz and how fast did it go to touch every corner in the world, but we do know that Louisiana is the best place where you have to set foot on if you really want to have the best music experience with Jazz. Most of the best Jazz musicians and instrument players were born in that place. It might be because of the politics and the soul of people there made a potential for Jazz to flourish.

Even in New Orleans, when you are a child about its future job, the most common answer is that it wants to be a musician in the future. Jazz is not a type of music in Louisiana anymore, it became the culture.

  1. No One Can Define Jazz

Jazz is the soul, the enjoyment when listening to something swingy and cool as holding a glass of whiskey. There is no relevant definition about Jazz, and if there were, you won’t want to know as well since all you need to do is sit down and play a Jazz vinyl record. At that time you will say: “Oh, this is Jazz”.

  1. Jazz’s Signature Musical Instrument?

It is quite obvious with the image of a man in his suit, holding his Saxophone and play sad Jazz on the street. However, not many people know that the Saxophone is actually not the oldest instrument used in a Jazz band. It was added first time in 1920 – not too far from our era.

Jazz Saxophone

Formally, there was no slot for the Saxophone to be played in performance. Not until 1920 with the first appearance, Saxophone is considered the signature musical instrument of Jazz music.

  1. How Well Can Jazz Be Played With Other Music Genres?

While some music genres can be matched together, Jazz shows its flexibility by the ability to combine with most of the music genres. We can listen to a Jazz song while can feel like there is a little bit Blues, a little bit of Pop…

Though the combination of Jazz with other genres requires such a large amount of time and efforts, most of them are masterpieces that you won’t want to miss.

I think that’s all for Jazz. It is one of the most addictive kinds of sound in the world. No wonder it can survive until know with the triumph of EDM and Pop music. Not only listening to Jazz is good but you can also get your kid to learn this type of music. Jazz for guitar or piano is considered the best way to keep your child feels that they can love something musical.

Jazz concerts and clubs are held worldwide, it means this music genre is still so popular throughout all those years. So what are you waiting for right now? Just grab your Jazz vinyl record and share it with your relatives. A Jazz CD could be such a lovely gift for people who are depressed or people who love vintage style. If you have anything to ask about this music genre, please visit our website to get the latest news about Jazz.