Modern Music Genres Introduction

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When you listen to a song, you can just enjoy the melodies and the lyrics, but it would be better if you know something such as the artist, the meaning of the song and especially the song’s music genre. Having a good knowledge about music genres will provide you a good point of view to music tracks and products so that you can understand them more.

Each type of music brings a different experience as well as a unique feature to the listener. Let’s find out some features of modern music genres so that you can distinguish them easier and how to enjoy them.

Modern Music

  1. Pop Music

When mentioning Pop music, we often see some words such as K – Pop, J – Pop. It is the way people use to refer to Pop music in some particular countries. For example, K – Pop is Pop songs from Korea. That means Pop music is very popular worldwide and people enjoy them very much.

Pop music is a type of modern music which gains popularity among the majority of people worldwide because of its catchy tunes combining with easy – to – listen and easy – to – remember lyrics. Pop music has some unique features such as the fixed rhythm and the loop with some sentences being sung over and over in a song. Pop music’s main themes are about love, everyday life, and emotions of a human.

Pop music concentrates on developing melodies and beats. Mentioning Pop songs, we shouldn’t forget to mention about Michael Jackson, Celine Dion, and Madonna… Pop music often consists of 2 parts: catchy and nice melodies and good performance. It focuses on entertaining factor while singing. That’s why some songs are not really good but still can climb up the charts.

  1. R&B


R&B stands for Rhythms and Blues which is a main genre of Blues – a kind of music existed long ago. R&B was first played by the Black community in the 20th century and expanded across other countries in the late 40s. It was the time that Black people got caught and transferred to America – mainly North America and settled down there. After that, with the help of migrations, R&B has developed all over America.

The significant difference between R&B and Pop is the melody. While Pop music focuses mainly on the melody with a strict rule, R&B doesn’t see that as a problem. The lyrics and the music can be stretched or shortened without any rules. The musician can be free to rely on his own beats. Therefore, not many people can sing R&B well because of the difficulty in controlling the melody and using techniques.

  1. Country

When talking about Country music, people often think about Folk songs at first. When the songs are played, they can easily imagine the wide of a green field with the image of strong cowboys.

The country was first made in America based on the South America background music and the influences of other types of music genre such as Blues and Jazz. These songs are often sad and deep. The most important musical instrument for a Country artist is the guitar. With just a guitar, an artist can perform anywhere, anytime. That’s strength of Country songs: close to the audience. It might also because the songs are born to serve the needs of entertainment of farmers in America. Country songs are often about small things in life: hope, faith, sometimes loneliness or about simple things such as family or workers and farmers.

Today, it’s so difficult to tell a song is A Country or not because of several reasons. First of all, so as to adapt to the modern market of the music industry, country songs have to be mixed with other music genres such as Pop or Rock. It makes the song becomes more popular. Another thing is that old country songs are not easy to find, especially with young generations when they listen to other types of music every day.

  1. EDM

With many people, EDM is something new and hard to understand. Basically, EDM is the abbreviation of Electronic Dance Music. It means the sound is made from digital devices. EDM was started in the US and became worldwide popular in just a few years later. It has become one of the most common music styles everywhere.

To get the best experiment about EDM, bar or club is the best place to go. The atmosphere will give you such a shock because of the crowd combining with the sound and lighting system. EDM is said to be addictive, that’s why in those entertaining centers like bars or clubs, people are more likely to dance and drink all night. Mentioning EDM is like talking about the music to move your body.

There is a countless subgenre of EDM depending on the material and the way producers make use of them. Recently, House music is becoming more and more popular because the tracks are easy to chill with and not too strong. If you are the one who wants something more, come to Aggressive House or Techno, which can immediately shock you.

Being a DJ is a really tempting career lately, especially with young people who want to be famous and make use of a load of modern devices and techniques. However, the price for a good mixing equipment set is not small at all. Therefore just a few people can be famous with the risky job.

Finding out about genres and subgenres of music requires so much time and effort, so in this post, I just introduce some basic one for you. They are considered the modern music industry which can make so much money. In addition, knowing more about music genres mean you can easily find the songs that fit your mood better without having to search for them for so long. Artists are now more and more creative and talented, so they are going to make use of these music genres to create more masterpieces. The world of music will never stop growing just as our imagination.