In – Depth Guide for Modern Rock

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Young generations are crazy about Rock! There are so many famous bands begin their career with hits made by aggressive vocal and the electric guitar. In fact, modern rock has developed so far from classic rock and became something totally different. Today, we are going to have a look at this exciting music genre and see how good it is and some subgenres of it as well. Having a change from what you are listening to is quite interesting, right?

The world of rock is something most of us can’t understand fully. It is one of the best types of music, but not for anyone like Pop. This post will only focus on several popular modern rock styles in the late 20th century. Let’s see how well you know about Rock.

Pund Rock

  1. Punk Rock

Back in the late 70s of 20th century, when people were in love with Rock, especially in Britain, you can easily get a ticket to go to a concert in such a big stadium with so many famous bands and well – known hits at that time. However, something was not right. You didn’t feel the spirit of Rock as well as the true performances. All of them were about fame and commercials. You couldn’t find any true definitions of Rock in them. So how could you?

The only way to enjoy Rock was the pubs where people came with different problems in their lives. You could find the simple chords and lyrics which could touch your soul though they were so aggressive and somehow really simple. The rock band not only performed but also interacted with audiences. Everything was so dark and desperate but true and heart – touching.

The kind of Rock played in those pubs at that time is Punk Rock. Punk Rock is the way people illustrate the frustrating circumstance at that time about the society and other problems such as unemployment, poor living standards… all of them make the kind of music people once listened to in pubs. The lyrics in Punk Rock songs have relevant lyrics with deep meaning and with the help of electric guitar, bass, and drums; they create such a great trend of Rock music.

Comparing to Pop music – the kind of the music industry at that time, Punk Rock is completely different with its factors. The vocal is about shouting rather than singing, but somehow it is acceptable with the lyrics since it needs something chaotic and aggressive. That’s the reason why this is the way for young people to express their own being, not through some light – hearted meaningless Pop songs.

Not only the music taste but also the dressing is different. Punk fans often stick themselves with something called “weird” and “riot” such as tattoos and hairstyles. That’s the way they express themselves as the people who go against the normal social life.

  1. Heavy Metal

This is something related to Punk Rock, but also something else. And yet, the life in the late 80s of the 20th century was not better as well. People needed to be more aggressive with Rock, even with their lives.

A Heavy Metal show can be such a chaotic place with screaming, shouting and electric guitar screeching. The sound is like no other. You can’t see something that is similar to a Heavy Metal track since it’s incredibly loud and distorting. The most significant factor is the distortion created by the amplifiers. The sound waves are so “fuzzy” that not everyone can go to a Heavy Metal concert.

Heavy Metal

There are several good Heavy Metal bands you should take a look at if you want to dig deeper in this music genre such as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and Metallica. One of the most important things in the lyrics is that they are often written with people take drugs and are not conscious. That’s why you should not try to understand what it says. All you need to do is follow your instinct and feel the craziness of Heavy Metal Rock.

  1. Rap Rock

With the incoming surge of Rap, other genres took some certain impacts including Rock. That’s why in the late 80s of 20th century, a new subgenre was born – Rap Rock. The name already illustrated the factors making this subgenre – Rock track and Rap part. Basically, the rapper will take the beat and rap with a rock band on stage. It means Rap Rock can make use of materials of several types of Rock genres and subgenres.

If you really want to see something different in your own styles such as Heavy Metal or Punk Rock, this is what you need to listen to. However, some people think it is such as an insult to Rock because it is not a good combination at all. On the other hand, looking at the success of Rap Rock bands like the Beastie Boys, we don’t know about it yet. The flow of rap in a rock song is something new, a new experience to people who love this music genre. You might want to try something that can bring a new wind of change to your playlists like Cypress Hill and Run DMC.

  1. Alternative Rock

While other types of Rock subgenres are easy to define, it doesn’t go the same with Alternative Rock and Indie Rock. The origin of this type of Rock subgenre is from the US mainly and partly of UK. This style of music has something different from mainstream Rock that is associated with the social life in the late 90s of 20th century. In fact, this type of Rock is about artists who write songs and perform their own works. The songs are often about life and the meaning of life with beautiful lyrics and so much creativity.

Alternative rock is quite “gentle” comparing to other types of Rock, but it’s quite meaningful. If you want to find out more about this type of subgenre, try to find some tracks from Nirvana or Radiohead, you will see the uniqueness they made and how they make your soul better with Alternative Rock.