How to Differentiate Different Music Genres?

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To estimate, there are about 30 music genres which fit different music tastes. Each of them has its own features and attraction but just 5 – 7 types seem to be prevalent to the public.

In addition, lots of people cannot make sense of the music type they are enjoying. Misleading this type for the other is a common problem. Thus, in this article, we are about to help distinguish the most popular music kinds for the present generations.

Tastes of Music

Understanding tastes of music, you will be able to apprehend the music kinds which are dominating the billboards. Tastes of music depend on some factors such as:

Taste Of Music

  • the ages of listeners
  • the songs they often listen to
  • the sound the ears passively absorb
  • life stories of each individual
  • personal hobbies and emotions

These are several factors that have a strong influence on how people choose the music types for themselves. Regardless of reasons or purposes, almost all of us make use of music to search for soul – mates and to satisfy our feeling rising from our hearts.

Listening to music and repeating the songs of the same type will form a music taste. Each person has their own music taste that indicates the genres of music they are interested in the most.

Poplar Music Genres

Now, let’s see in this part the differences among popular kinds in the music market of this modern time.

Pop Music

Pop is a kind of current music and it has gained lots of popularity to the public. In popular music, Pop is easily differentiated from other kinds by its melody, grooves, and beats. In addition, there have several characteristics of Pop that can be seen easily:

Pop Songs

  • simple melodies and lyrics
  • some pieces, especially the chorus are often repeated
  • the words are mainly about love, emotion or even dancing

Pop music is one of the most prevalent kinds that a number of celebrities are pursuing. You can see Pop features in the songs of Celine Dion, Madonna, Brandy and Frank Sinatra. This type gives more concentration on melody, grooves, and sound than rock.

Country Music

As its name, country music is able to create a sense of green fields and cowboys on the horses. To be exact, country music is featured by cowboy culture in America. This kind of music is much affected by different music genres, including Blues and Jazz.

Country type derives from English emigrants to America. They brought Ballad Celtic songs with rustic singing style like telling stories and the words were a little bit sad.

Country Music

To prepare for a performance of country music, a guitar is enough. The singers still sing with their real emotion and imagination. In the country – music songs, you can see the illustrations of farmers, villages with green/ yellow fields, the loneliness or belief among people.

Nonetheless, to meet the rising demands for the music of listeners, particularly the young, nowadays, many music producers mix country type with rock and pop. That is a point making it more complex to tell types of music apart.

Rock Music

Rock is also known as Rock’ N’ Roll, born in the 50th decade, by Elvis Presley. In spite of being based on the rhythms of Blues, Jazz, and Country, Rock music has strong and fast melody and it often requires electronic instruments.

As you can probably guess, Rock music only chooses singers with strong voices. In fact, it focuses more on the intense rhythm than the singers’ voice. Rock type is divided into Folk rock and Hard rock.

  • Folk rock: the rhythm is slower and softer; it’s called slow rock or soft rock
  • Hard rock: has intense rhythm, high speed, and the loudest sound; it is similar to heavy rock and heavy metal.

The famous pieces of music that make Rock’ N’ Roll popular are Beatles, Rolling stones, The Kinds, The Who and The Animals.

R&B Music

R&B is the abbreviation of Rhythm and Blues. Also, R&B is the main branch of Blues music that was born years ago. Since the 20th century, this genre has become more popular throughout countries.

R&B is the music kind that makes the names: BB King, James Brown well – known all over the world. It consists of 3 main flows: Chicago Soul, Motown Sound and Southern Style. The 60th decade saw the success story of R&B.

Jazz Music

Jazz music was once considered to be the native culture of American only, created by American people. The mixture of Western and African music formed Jazz but where it was born and developed has to be the American culture.

Jazz music is the product of customs, philosophies, and heritages of the American. It is this combination that creates Jazz music. This type is simply recognized as it usually makes use of syncopated rhythm, adversity in beats and grooves. The Jazz rhythm is quite featured.

Blues Music

Similar to Jazz, Blues music originates from songs praising labor, religious and folk songs of Black Americans. The Blues songs are quite sad, as its name. The melody sounds trenchant.

The Blues is often performed by male singers with very simple instruments. The guitar seems to be the only support for them. The words are truly rustic and sometimes even rough. A lot of celebrities gain success with Blues music such as Bessie Smith, Ma Rainey, and Chippie Hill.

Flamenco Music

Flamenco is a kind of artistic music featuring the Spanish culture, compiled from 3 music flows Cante, Guitarra, and Baile. At the first time listening to Flamenco, we may guess it is just a song with simple rhythm in the grooves counting. In fact, it is a unique music art difficult to understand.

Flamenco songs illustrate the interference of different cultures. To perform Flamenco songs, there are not only singers but also bayaderes.


Here are the basic points to help you have a deeper understanding and better feeling about music genres. The next articles will bring you more details about the kind of music you love.