Modern Music Genres Introduction

Modern Music

When you listen to a song, you can just enjoy the melodies and the lyrics, but it would be better if you know something such as the artist, the meaning of the song and especially the song’s music genre. Having a good knowledge about music genres will provide you a good point of view to music tracks and products so that you can understand them more. Each type of music brings a different experience as […]

Music Genres

How to Choose the Right Music Genres for Your Guitar Playing Style?

Guitar Lead

The great guitarists have been the source of inspiration and motivation for most people who want to learn to play this type of instrument.  Does everybody start with a question inside their head: “How can he play such a nice melody? Can I do that?”, and really wants to start right away. However, once you pick your guitar up and play the first note, you know that it is not going to be as easy […]

Music Genres

Things You Haven’t Heard About Jazz

Jazz Saxophone

We listen to music every day, on the street, on the Internet, even in your smartphone. All of them are created to entertain you, to draw your attention to something. In fact, each music genre has its own way to make you love it. For example, Pop songs are quite catchy and easy to listen, Rock songs are aggressive with its unique electric guitar solo and EDM producers are very good at making sounds from […]

Music Genres

How to Differentiate Different Music Genres?

Pop Songs

To estimate, there are about 30 music genres which fit different music tastes. Each of them has its own features and attraction but just 5 – 7 types seem to be prevalent to the public. In addition, lots of people cannot make sense of the music type they are enjoying. Misleading this type for the other is a common problem. Thus, in this article, we are about to help distinguish the most popular music kinds […]

Music Genres

In – Depth Guide for Modern Rock

Heavy Metal

Young generations are crazy about Rock! There are so many famous bands begin their career with hits made by aggressive vocal and the electric guitar. In fact, modern rock has developed so far from classic rock and became something totally different. Today, we are going to have a look at this exciting music genre and see how good it is and some subgenres of it as well. Having a change from what you are listening […]

Music Genres